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How To Add a Stores Location?




You have to be a registered member of to post a recipe and to add a store location.

Please click on submit a recipe tab at the top right corner of the website and log into your account.







At the bottom of the form you can see a field called map,you need to paste the Google map code there.








Go to and click on maps at top left of the page as shown below.







Type the location or store address from where you have purchased the ingredients from and click, search









Click on the link icon displayed in the image below, the small window pops up as shown.







Left click once in the HTML code section,once it turns BLUE IN COLOUR, Press the CTRL & C key together on your keyboard,that will copy the code.





Now paste the code in the map field at the bottom as shown in the picture, by first left clicking your mouse in the  MAP section and then  pressing CTRL AND V keys together ,the code will automatically paste there.




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