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Bar Etiquette

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Hitting a nightclub on the weekends is what most  young people like to do. However, with all the socializing comes a big question: how does one behave in a bar or a nightclub? While there might be no rules written on stone, it’s important to behave….

  •  Is it cool to get drunk and make passes at a woman who’s completely not interested in you? NO.


  • Is it okay to throw up in the loo of a nightclub? NO.


  • Is it okay to be rude and insensitive towards other guests in a bar or a nightclub? NO






Below are some bar etiquette to keep in mind for your next visit to the local watering hole. (You know, in case you forget that it’s probably not a good idea to tip with quarters or snap your fingers at a bartender to get their attention.) Remember: Manners cost nothing and are worth millions.


1. Read the cocktail menu before ordering, and when you have the bartender’s attention, know what you want (and what your friend wants, too).


2. Also, know the kind of establishment you’re frequenting. If you’re at reservation-only, super-cool speakeasy known for making the best craft cocktails in town, don’t order a Long Island Iced Tea or a round of Jägerbombs (and definitely don’t get mad if they won’t serve them).


3. Don’t ask “Make me something good” or “What is good today?” Says Duff, “you’ll get chicken.”


4. It would be better instead to ask what the bartender likes making. But if you’re going to ask for a recommendation, take it.



5. Don’t order rude or “nasty sounding” drinks, it’s demeaning to both parties. (As Duff so eloquently put it: “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”) Basically, don’t order a drink with a name that includes a body part that is normally covered with clothing.

6. Always tip well on the first round, and never tip with coins (unless perhaps you’re in Europe).


7. Don’t expect a free drink or ask what the bar’s “buyback” policy is — especially before you’ve even ordered your first drink.


8. Don’t order each individual round of drinks with a credit card — please run a tab.


9. Don’t snap your fingers or whistle at the bartender to get their attention. “Lassie is not going to make your drinks.”





10. Don’t confuse service with servant.


11. No PDA in the bar, keep hands and tongues to yourself. Remember, this is their office — just because the lights are low and you’re drinking doesn’t make it OK.


12. Don’t order a “slow drink” at a busy bar. Asking for something like a Ramos Gin Fizz (the original recipe requires that the drink be shaken for 12 minutes) in a crowded bar isn’t going to win you any friends.


13. Don’t expect the bartender to know everything about every drink that has ever existed. And no “geeking out” unless you know the recipe (and as Duff points out, “there’s really no excuse with iPhones these days).


14. Don’t name drop.





15. Bartenders, if you’re out at another bar, don’t expect special service just because you’re “in the biz.” And if you’re visiting a friend who works behind the bar, don’t expect them to have a ton of time to socialize with you. “You may be off duty, but they’re not.”


16. Also to the fellow bartenders: You are there to enjoy, not to have a lesson. Don’t stare at the bartender’s every move — you can watch, but don’t stare.


17. Don’t steal menus, ask if you can have a copy.


18. Last but not least, the universal rule of life holds true: Say please and thank you.






Carun Carumbiah, entrepreneur

The most annoying behaviour I’ve seen is drunken stupidity. It’s funny to see people how lose control and then think they are powerful, so powerful that they think they can buy the whole place. And it’s generally the guys who behave like this. While I’ve seen girls get drunk, they either go to sleep or gang up in the restroom.


My club rule: The only thing I’d tell people planning to go clubbing is ‘just drink less’. Or space your drinks well. Another suggestion is to always eat before you go partying. It helps you hold your drinks better.




Here some famous personalities share their personal experiences.


Karan Medappa, model

If there’s one behaviour I find most annoying, and I’ve seen it happen quite frequently, is the fact that irrespective of the club you go to, you will have these two or three groups who will be irritating and rude. I remember this incident that happened some years ago, where I’d gone to a club launch and we were some 7-8 girls and three guys. While we were a large group, we had a lot of excited men jumping around after the girls. It’s behaviour of this kind that makes me wish that clubs had bouncers standing not only at the entrance, but inside too, so that they can ensure better and controlled behaviour. You need someone neutral like bouncers to handle people and situations when they get out of control.


My club rule: I have two rules I wish get implemented. One, and this has got to do with clubs themselves is that I wish they really relaxed rules a bit about allowing men to wear shorts. I am always in my shorts and I find it extra work to carry on a pair of extra pants along just to get into a club. I was in a club in Dubai where they’d allowed men in shorts to enter. I hope clubs in India relaxed a bit too. Talking about club etiquette, I have only one thing to say to the men: Don’t get too excited seeing beautiful women. I think it’s this whole ‘getting excited’ bit that is the main reason behind the incidents one hears about. Sure, they might be dressed skimpily but then you’ve got to know that they’ve come  dressed to have a good time. So respect that. Also, if you are in situation that’s gone out of control, my advice would be to never get into a fight yourself. Why should you get into trouble. Play sensible, report it to the bouncers and let them take care of it for you.





Aviva Bidapa, actor/event manager

More than anything, what annoys me is the weird mentality people have of staring at you. This is the reason I’ve almost completely stopped going to clubs and prefer dinners instead. People in clubs get too excited and then put you into a dilemma of you having to watch your own back and that defeats the purpose of going to a club and relaxing in the first place. I’ve gone partying abroad and although party goers do lose control, everything happens within their own group and they don’t try to get into your space. Girls are not very different; just a few days ago, I saw these two girls who were completely wasted. It’s really not cool. While I won’t say that girls shouldn’t drink, I’ll surely say that they’ve got to be in control when they are out because the vibe you let out really does matter.


My club rule: I think party goers should take the No Smoking inside the club rule very seriously. For a nonsmoker to end up smelling like an ashtray, thanks to the smokers around, it can be quite painful. I wish smokers were thoughtful. Also, while I don’t drink anymore because of my health routine, I ensure my group doesn’t drink more than two. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!





Rui Principe, mixologist, The Blue Bar

People generally have this notion that hitting a bar means getting drunk. Instead, the idea should be to drink enough that the experience leaves you happy. In India, people are quite open, they talk to bartenders about their problems, I’ve even seen couples fight quite openly!


My club rule: People, especially single men and women have this idea that going to a bar is the best way to snag yourself a date. I’ve seen ladies do that too. My advice to the single women hitting the bars on a night out would be: Dress charmingly and act with charm. If you find someone interesting at a bar, then don’t give yourself away too easily. Play difficult, hard-to-get. It doesn’t matter if you go home alone or not but as long as you go back feeling the same way you came in, in the beginning of the night, you are fine.



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