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Healthy foods that are bad for you

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Apples contain both high levels of sugar (as do grapes), and cyanide, in their pips. Eating an apple a day can actually affect your teeth and cause erosion. Apples’ pips contain Amygdalin a sugar and cyanide compound that ingested in small amounts is easy to deal with, but which can cause death. The compound is also found in peaches and apricot pits in more harmful (i.e larger) doses.





2. Coffee

Coffee, particularly for those under 55, can cause higher blood pressure and stop insulin production. Some scientists believe that coffee can cause cancer and it can create a dependency that becomes an addiction which is obviously unhealthy.








 3.Granola Bars

Granola is quite dense in sugars and fats which makes the impressive amounts of fibre slightly redundant. It often has syrup and other sugar substances mixed within it and often is unsatisfying which means that people like to top up portions. Dried fruit can often be high in sugar too, which makes it less healthy, although high in potassium and iron. Some dried fruit, like cranberries is even sprayed with sugar making them twice as sugary as regular cranberries.






4. Flavoured Yoghurt

Flavoured yoghurt is loaded with sugar, and more often than not, bereft of real fruit. This means you are eating fats and sugars, with no real vitamins. (Frozen yoghurt isn’t as good as we think either, it is only slightly less high in sugar than ice cream, but if people add extra, sugary toppings then the two are equal, and don’t have any health benefits.)







Often smoothies are mixed with ice cream or too much fruit juice in comparison with fruit, this means that smoothies are therefore high in calories and don’t have many vitamins.

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